An urban design non-profit with a mission to improve livability in local communities.

Urban Placemaking | Design Manager | 2021-2022

CultureHouse is an urban design non-profit in Somerville, MA with a mission to improve livability in local communities by transforming underutilized spaces into vibrant social infrastructure. As the sole Design Manager, I led projects across the organization all the way from concept to install. Below are a few of these projects.

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CultureHouse Salem


At CultureHouse, a "culturehouse" is a free to enter, pop-up public community space. Think of it as a public living, an indoor park, or a third space. It is a place for the local community to gather, connect and share. My role within CultureHouse's robust process of creating a pop-up community space was to lead and manage the design/build phase.

To learn more about CultureHouse Salem visit here.

Design Development
Community engagement meeting with residents of Salem where I led a co-design activity.

Union Square Station


In partnership with USQ, we transformed a temporary walkway and the surrounding construction zones into a vibrant, colorful portal for visitors to go to/from a newly opened Union Square station. Through informational blurbs on the scrim, exhibition panels in the walkway, and a giant word search and corresponding map in an empty lot, visitors can learn a bit more about Union Square along the way.

To learn more about Union Square Station visit here.

Design Development

What the Fluff Festival


For Somerville's 16th annual Fluff Festival—a madcap street festival celebration the invention of Marshmallow Fluff in Union Square, CultureHouse partnered with Union Square Main Streets to transform an empty plaza into a Flufftastic Fluff-topia.

Design Development

Boston Public Library Free WiFi Zones


With the Boston Public Library and City of Boston, we designed and installed outdoor public WiFi zones across 8 different libraries in the Greater Boston area.

To learn more about the BPL WiFi Zones visit here.

Installing the pergola structure at the Codman Square branch location
Conceptual render for the Brighton Branch location
Conceptual render for the Codman Square Branch location

Harvard Square Public Patio Proposal


Not all projects make it. This was a proposal for an outdoor public patio that would span across 4 street parking spaces in Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA.

Creative Brand Direction

A catch all section for everything else I did at CultureHouse; from designing and fabricating community engagement tools, designing and building out the CultureHouse HQ space, designing merchandise and collateral, and to creating and managing social media content.

Community engagement tools in action!
Prompt Board orthographic drawing
Modular see-saw concept rendering
See-saw prototype, I wasn't able to finish the project before I left CultureHouse :(
Community engagement tools
CultureHouse Handbook mockup design
Postcards merch designs
Enamel pin merch design
CultureHouse HQ Window Display
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