I'm always creating...

Not every project is perfect, but they all served to help me grow as an artist and designer. Here's what I've been making lately.

Li Xi (Lucky Money) Red Envelope Wedding Gift — Paper cut out
Low Shelf — Plywood, pine board
Cushy Bedside Cabinet — IKEA Knagglig pine box, upholstery
Segmented Bowl Turning & Plater — Maple
Cantilever Stool/Side Table — Steel, upholsptery
Hand Carved Spoons & Cutting Board — Maple, walnut
Wagon Ottoman — Oak, ash, upholstery
Tea Candle Holder with Lid — CNC Aluminum
Rocket Trophy — CNC Aluminum
Mini Maze Game — Aluminum, acrylic, steel balls
Engraved Tickets — Brass bar
UFO Roller Toy — Aluminum, acrylic, steel balls
Fruit Bowl — Laminated ash
Hand Carved Mancala Board — Ash, milk paint
3D printed connection
Product Analysis Posters
Gamified Water Cooler Concept
Photo Slide Lighting Fixture — Upcycled photo slides
Rocking Gamer Chair — 2"x1" pine boards, custom upholstery
Collapsible Felt Light— Upcycled felt
Impression Chair — Upcycled MDF drawing boards, upcycled upholstery foam and leather scraps, black spray paint
Geodesic Trash Light— Upcycled trash bags, popsicle sticks
Ritual of the Bowerbird — Tyvek paper cutout
Embryo Lighting Fixture (Inspired by microscopic  view painting of a chicken embryo) — Birch plywood
Self Portrait Patch— Embroidery
Enamel Pin Designs — View the Etsy shop here
Untitled — A series exploring techniques in mark making, layering and image manipulation.
Providence Cityscape — Gouache painting
Cityscape Light Sculpture — Paper, hot glue
Figure oil painting
Figure oil painting
Oil painting
Watercolor painting
You've reached the end, But this doesn't have to be our end.

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