Cramped for space? Here's the perfect chair, bookshelf and lamp all in one.

Furniture design | student work| 2019

With companies like Getaway offering one room, studio-like cozy cabins in remote and off-the-grid locations, the tiny house/van life/digital nomad lifestyle has grown in great popularity with many young people in recent years.

With this chair, I was interested in tapping into this demographic and designing a multifunctional piece of furniture to fit the environment of a tiny house cabin.

Plywood shelf is screwed onto street brackets on frame
Notch is machine out from one of the legs to channel lamp wire
Lamp post rotates 360°
Custom pipe fittings were 3D printed
Assembly Book
Technical Drawings
Exploded View
Orthographic view

The final design is a multifunctional, utilitarian chair that takes advantage of vertical space.

The simple forms and raw materials are inspire by industrial modern styles, to fit the environment of an outdoor woodsy, handmade tiny cabin. Materials are true and honest, connections are exposed, and nothing is hidden. Lastly, the design is composed of a kit of preassembled parts that are made to be lightweight, moveable and ready to assembly.


Sketches & Design Development
Brainstorming sketches
Refinement sketches
Moved into CAD for final refinement, dimensions and cut parts list.
Steel pipe being bent on a tube roller.
Jigs for welding.
Steel plate tabs were welded to circular frame.
Ends were machined on a mill for fitted joints.
Frame is ready to weld!
Backrest was vacuum formed plywood.
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