A collection of projects where I attempt to teach myself tech and code.

creative technology | student work | 2019 -2020

During my undergraduate study at RISD, I concentrated in computation, technology and culture (CTC). Within technology, I'm interested in humanizing tech—making the elusive digital world more tangible and tactical in the physical world.

These select projects explore how we can seamlessly merge the physical and digital worlds to create more dynamic experiences and compelling interactions.

Tangible Interface


The computer is often seen as a black box, and interactions with the computer is with a limited to a keyboard and mouse. What happens if you break out of the norms of the rectangular box of a computer screen and mouse, and bring the computer into a large scale 3-dimensional space? This project explores what a "phigital" space could look like, using physical user inputs in the real world to control digital outputs.

Test 1 — Creating a touch capacitive sensor
Test 2 — Using the touch capacitive sensor to move a cube in one direction
Test 3 — Using four touch capacitive sensors to move a cube in four directions
Test 4 — Switching out the aluminum foil with velostat to create a pressure sensitive sensor
Test 5 — Scaling up; creating a 4 direction pressure sensitive floor pad with aluminum and velostat.

"It's Gonna Be Alright"


A projection mapping installation about lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, made while in lockdown. By juxtaposing the realities of the pandemic, with a sheer magnitude of positive memories made while in lockdown, I wanted to create a feeling of bittersweetness, hope, and a reminder that it's gonna be alright.

Music credits: Tom Rosenthal—Bob in the Rain and the Lizard of Hope

Limited to the constraints of my apartment, I used what was readily available to me (foam core, string, and my hallway), and the power of social media to collect the content. Through social accounts and personal connections I was able to collect over 150 of pieces of media.

Test 1 — Projecting still images in the corner of my room
Test 2 — Projecting still images on a more complex surface; my hallway
Test 3 — Projecting motion graphics onto my hallway
Test 4 — Mapping the final installation layout

Heart Rate Light


One of my very first Arduino projects. Here, I was interested in digitally interactive furniture; merging a human element with a lighting fixture.

Iteration 1 made with individual red LED bulbs
Test with pulse sensor
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